Thinking of Joining Playford?

  • Two Teams
  • Friendly playing squad.
  • Fair squad rotation.
  • Competitive but enjoyable football.
  • Opportunities to move between Reserves and Firsts.
  • Enviable website and statistics.

Playford Football Club are an Adult Sunday morning football club based in Woodbridge, east of Ipswich. Our teams play at levels two and four of the Ipswich Sunday Football League.

The club are looking to find committed players that are willing to join an established squad and to be a part of the positive ethos that has been created at Playford Football Club.

Playford pride themselves on playing a good style of football and being competitive whilst at the same time enjoying the game and not taking ourselves too seriously. As if we needed to prove our point we have been promoted on eleven occasions and have still collected the Fair Play Award for five seasons.

We encourage players to be confident with the ball at their feet and to use it intelligently. We like to play a passing style trying keep the ball on the floor, refusing to play kick and rush.

Playford has the perfect balance of enjoyment and competitiveness, it's a great club to be a part of.

There will be genuine opportunities for players to progress into the first team. In fact that is exactly what Playford are hoping for.

We are not looking to have separate First and Reserve teams, but we want seize the opportunity to create a squad full of players that are all capable of playing at the highest level Playford find themselves in.

We are currently holding open training sessions and have friendly matches scheduled so there are plenty of opportunities to get involved and give Playford a try. Get in contact with us for more infromation. We are particularly interested to hear from players under the age of 23.

Two Teams

For the 2013/2014 season Playford expanded and established a reserve team. This has created a need for new players on a regular basis. The Reserves have given us the ability to support a larger pool of players who are good enough to play at Playford's highest standard.

The increased strength and depth of the squad coincided with the maturing of the first team and resulted in Playford's second division title. Winning in style, losing only once all season.

Playford gave me my first chance in adult football and I can't thank them enough for that.

2016 saw the Reserves finish as League Cup Runners after an eventful run to the final and last season they won a division themselves.

Not Just Another Club

Prior to the kick-off of the 2012/13 season Playford Fooball Club found themselves facing yet another year without a new sponsor and therefore without a new kit. Rather than go down the tired route of sending out letters and making phone calls, we decided to do something much different. A video appeal of us playing a match in just our underwear was edited to LMFAO's 'Sexy and I know it' and stuck on Youtube. Over 65,000 views and some worldwide media coverage later and we had secured a sponsor and a shiny new kit. Showing once again we are not just 'another' club.

Website and Statistics

Playford Football Club has a rich history and much of that is brought to life through our website and Facebook page. The club has kept records right from day one and every player that makes even the shortest appearance has their statistics on the website.

I remember the day when I was considering joining Playford; my friend spoke about the club and only had positive things to say, it was an easy decision to join

The Basics
  • Sunday Morning Football
  • 10:30am Kick Off
  • Home matches at Farlingaye Hign School
  • £4 match fee
  • 20 Year history
  • Every player that makes even the shortest appearance has their statistics on the website.
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