2017/2018 Tier 2 Tables

Winter Season
Holbrook Swan1073000240
Ipswich Thistle1062200200
Walton Wanderers1061300190
Martlesham Old Boys102170070
Bramford Cock101270050
Spring Season
Rushmere Lions1060431201811
Walton Wanderers105054031159
Raydon Ravens10316253410-9
Laxfield United1020818596-41

Before the start of the 2014/2015 season the league was restructured to improve the competitiveness of matches throughout the season. Each level of the league would be split into two divisions of six, playing each other twice before a winter break. The top three clubs from both divisions at the break would join together to form another six-team [elite] division to play for the title and promotion. The bottom three clubs from both divisions would join together to form a final six-team [minor] division and play to avoid relegation.

At the 2014/2015 break Playford Firsts had secured a top three finish and would compete for their title. The reserves finished fourth a would play in their minor division.