Player Responsibilities

Player Responsibilities

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A week before each game an email will be sent out requesting your availability to play in the upcoming fixtures. Please respond to these messages by 8pm Wednesday evening.

If you are meant to be working and trying to get the time off, or waiting to see if a knock will heal, reply anyway stating such. Knowing that you might be available will allow me to name you in squad.

Failing to reply is likely to get you left out entirely, the squad will be in excess of 40 players and I am unlikely to be inclined to chase people to find out if they want to play.

Because of the large squad that we have, it will be necessary to rotate squad members, so if you know you are going to be worse-for-wear following a particularly heavy night out, or you are carrying a knock, perhaps it might be best if you mention it then decisions can be made based on all the facts.

Squads should be announced on Thursday or Friday.

I anticipate that the first team squad will consist of 13 players, allowing two substitutes. The reserves will take up to 14.

For further information about player eligibility, please see:
the club's Finance Policy
and the league competition rules

Late Call Off

If you need to call off for any reason please do so as soon as possible so that a replacement player can be found.

You will not be penalised for calling off provided you let me know before 6pm on a Saturday. This gives players playing on a Saturday enough time if they get injured to let me know, it also gives me some time to get another player in.

If you let me know after 6pm on Saturday, you will be fined a standard match fee.

If you fail to let me know at all, you will be fined a standard match fee and could miss the next fixture.

Man of the Match

After each game, in the same email as above, there will be a request to vote for the Man of the Match for the previous fixture. Every player participating in the game or watching is entitled to vote.

You may vote for a first and a second choice. The player with the most votes is awarded the Man of the Match.

Man of the Match votes are also used to determine the Player's Player of the Season award.
Update 23/09/2019 - In light of the disheartening defeats for the reserves I would like to remind players that the Man of the Match votes are also used to determine the Player's Player of the Season awards. Therefore it is essential that you provide at least one man of the match vote. No matter the scoreline someone will have made an impact somewhere during the match.

All votes are required by the next SATURDAY 6pm following a match. Failure to provide votes will result in a club fine, currently set to £1.

Kit Washing

Every player will be expected to wash a kit twice this season.

More Information

Match Day

Players are expected to arrive well in advance of the 10:30 kick off. Team sheets and substitute's names have to be provided 30 minutes before kick off, so please try and arrive at the ground by 9:45.

The pitch at Farlingaye requires the moving of goal nets into position, players are expected to help with this and not leave it to the same people every week.

Match Balls

Both the first team and reserve will be issued with five footballs, all of which can be used as match balls. The Mitre Pro Max are the club's preferred match ball.
Our match balls are expensive and we have lost a number throughout last season. With this in mind it is the responsibility of all players to make sure that all five balls are collected together following the warm-up/match. If any ball is lost all players in that day's squad will be charged £1 to replace the ball.

Important League and FA Rules

In signing the league's registration form and playing for Playford, you are also agreeing to ISFL and F.A. rules.

Important rules to bring to your attention:

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