Godbold Brace sees off Chantry Phoneix Chantry Phoenix 0 Playford Res 2
Chantry Phoenix
0 : 2
Playford Res
Godbold 2

In the first incident of note Godbold produces a dive Danny Welbeck would be proud of. He may have had a love tap at best in the box, whilst clear on goal, and gets an angry reaction from the opposition centre back. Chantry then countered well but with no good end product.

At half time there was a unanimous decision to switch the team around with Todd Bartlett going up top switching with Daryl Fracis. Francis and Godbold switched wings and played as inverted wingers.

Soon into the second half, Suffolk’s answer to Marcus Alonso cut in from the right, and delivered a teasing ball across the face of goal, which eluded everyone and trickled into the net at the back post.

Godbold was at is again shortly after, pouncing on a Jack Larkins shot which had cannoned back off the post, to make it two-nil. The opposition linesman was allegedly heard to say "this guy has the best left foot in Suffolk”

Max Pryke was brought on for Dean Harris at the back and he provided energy and an attacking edge. Josh Bolton came on as striker, he replaced Daryl Francis with Sean Hanley dropping to the wing and this almost proved fruitful on two occasions with two runs produ,cing decent shots, one requiring a big save by the Phoenix keeper the other going narrowly wide.

Todd Bartlett contracted cramp so bad that he had to be carried off by two team mates with five minutes to go.

Godbold's two strikes makes him the reserves leading goal scorer, at least until Byron Stretton plays again.

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