Congratulations - Playford Reserves Congratulations - Playford Reserves

I want to congratulate the Reserves on winning the Spring division. Eight wins out of ten is no mean feat and to play well, when the chips are down, shows some real determination.

The season has not been without its difficulties. When the club were charged with playing suspended players, albeit unwittingly, it coincided with Daryl having to work weekends and number of players dwindling interest and from October to December it looked as if the Reserves were in for a significant rebuild. I find it funny that the team that reported us, resulting in the points deduction, ended up joining us in the Spring league and probably did themselves out of the league title!

But a new year and a clean slate saw Daryl return and rebuild the Reserves even further in his image, the Championship can be vastly attributed to his recruitment, choice of tactics and, in no small part, his golden boot winning tally of 11 goals.

I think Miles and George should feel particularly pleased with the title win, both of them went through the rough winter that included the 11-1 mauling by Capel Plough. George has played in every game and was leading the scoring at one point. Miles has only missed one match, which is an achievement in itself considering the uncertainty over if and where he would play from week to week.

Daryl brought in Lee and Sean and they added quality to the centre of midfield and in the few games I played made it very easy for me to look good playing in a deep lying role back at the beginning of the season.

Jack, Karl and Leon have helped to shore up a defence that need three strong defenders every game to meet Daryl's desire to play 3-5-2. By all accounts Dean has been excellent this later half of the season and what a time to score your first goal for the club too!

Stalwarts Stu, Max and Jez have played their parts too, Stu in the difficult to fill deep-lying midfield role. Jez and Max have fulfilled various roles and I am reliably informed that during the Spring season the Reserves not conceded a single goal whilst Max has been on the pitch.

Byron played his part in the early season scoring four goals in his first two games before being injured playing for the First Team. He returned in January and scored another two goals before grabbing his seventh of the season on the last day.

There are a number of other players that contributed but I cannot mention everyone or you will get bored. But I think the final word should be from Daryl.
Massive congratulations to every single player involved in us winning the league. I have seen some fantastic football being played. Well done to everyone yesterday for the desire and passion shown for 90 mins to get the win that was needed. Well done again lads. It's been a absolute pleasure.

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