Rich Jones makes 250th Appearance

Jones makes 250th Appearance

Rich Jones made his 250th appearance for Playford when he played the whole match for the Reserves against Rosary Conservative Club.

Rich joined whilst he was away at university meaning his first three seasons were quite sparse. His first full season in 2006/2007 saw him score his first goal, scoring form long range against Rust & Kemp. Rich scored goals on his 50th, 100th and 150th appearance. He began his career in midfield before moving into the defence, although he scored his first hat-trick for the club when he was deployed as a striker against Copleston.

The largest proportion of Rich's appearances have been at the back and over those games he has had three major defensive partners, Alex Brunt, Greg Songer and most recently Sam Burman. Here is what they have to say about playing alongside Rich.

Alex Brunt:
Precocious and grumpy but, to be fair, a pretty solid defender as well meant he was one of my favourite players to play alongside at the heart of Playford's back four! He mellowed as he got old and we enjoyed some comical (my last Playford FC performance) and some effective moments (vs Stowmarket Lions) as well. Maybe, one day, we'll renew the partnership...! In the meantime, well played, Rich. 250 and counting is some feat and thoroughly deserved for a quality Playford stalwart.

Greg Songer:
What can I say about Richard Jones....
Well firstly no one should ever call him Richard or Rich. His name, and Playford name will always be Bones.
From a footballing point of view I think it's safe to say that Bones' biggest fan has always been himself! He is very keen to talk up a free kick he scored or a penalty he didn't miss, as well as his title winning management campaign. Itís impossible to forget these achievements as he won't let you.
Congratulations on reaching the 250 mark. I'm sure there will be many more to come as you always need something to moan about! Crack open a Smirnoff Ice to celebrate and Up the Playford!

Sam Burman:
I enjoy playing alongside Rich at the heart of Playfords defence. Firstly, because it's nice feeling quick, but also because we have developed an effective partnership. The key to a successful centre back pairing is being on the same page, and we do often agree it's the lack of support we receive if we concede a few.
It must be difficult for Rich playing alongside our young squad, and hearing about my success as the manger in his absence. However, with this said, we all hope he continues for a few years to come. Who else will constantly moan at the ref, and antagonise the opposition?
Well done on 250 appearances, Rich.

Rich has a number of accolades to his name:

  • Most games as captain, 125 from 2008/2009 until the end of 2014/2015.
  • Only defender to score a hat trick.
  • Only defender to reach double figures for goals in a single season (12 in 2013/2014).
  • Division Championship win 2013/2014.
  • Players Player of the Year for the 2009/2010 season.
  • He has played 238 games for the First Team and 12 times for the Reserves.
  • Has scored from the halfway line.
  • He is two games away from moving into the top five highest appearance makers for Playford.

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