Kit Wash

Every player will be expected to wash a kit twice this season.

If you cannot take the kit for any reason please try and let us know in advance. Players will be picked based on nearest-to-the-top of the list.

Players missing from the list will be added to gaps or asked to volunteer a week, you wont be forgotten!

Kit Care

Below are the kit manufacturers washing instructions.

It should be noted that most fabrics discolour due to staining by substances such as mud and grass which will not always be entirely removed by washing, soaking garments as soon as possible can help to reduce discolouration.

  1. Remove as much mud from the garment as possible before soaking/washing.
  2. Follow the detergents manufacturer's instructions.
  3. Avoid products containing bleach that may damage fabrics, trims and decorative.
  4. DO NOT exceed washing temperature of a 30 degree wash cycle.
  5. Do not overfill the washing machine with garments, if ratio to garments is too small, dirt can be re deposited.
  6. Fabric conditioners are not recommended to shirts and shorts as this can build up a film on the fibres and can prevent the washing process from penetrating filaments and dislodging dirt.
  7. TUMBLE DRYING not recommended.
  8. DO NOT IRON over transfers and numbers.

Kit Rota

  1. Ben Thomas
  2. Cameron Overett
  3. Ryan Broadhurst
  4. Luke Mallett
  5. Todd Bartlett
  6. George Godbold
  7. Myles Foster
  8. Jordan Robinson
  9. Jack Shelcott
  10. Byron Stretton
  11. Josh Bolton
  12. Ash King
  13. Lee Johnson
  14. Ryan Murphy
  15. Owen Richardson
  16. Jeremy Vince II
  17. Nick Bingham II
  18. Sam Reach II
  19. Tom Hunt II
  20. Kirk Ferniz II
  21. Dan Smith II
  22. Nico Williams II
  23. Daryl Francis II
  24. Jacob Buck II
  25. Christian Daniels II
  26. Max Juster II
  27. Nathan Pratt II
  28. Ross Turner II
  29. Dean Harris II
  30. Chris Smith II
  31. Corin Bolsover II
  32. Josh Knight II
PlayerWashed Fixture
Chris JonesFirsts v Reserves 1xi kit
Chris Jones IIFirsts v Reserves 2xi kit
Chris Jones III2XI v Martlesham OB (f)
Ellis Rowland1XI v Holbrook Swan
Chris Jones IV1XI v Trimley (f)
 2XI v Northam Celtic (f)
 2XI v Panthers (f)
Nick Bingham1XI v Portman Rovers
Chris Jones V2XI v Northam Celtic
Max Juster1XI v Pauls
Jem Vince2XI v AFC Claydon
Chris Jones VI1XI Bergholt (Cup)
1XI Bergholt (League)
Sam Reach2XI v MOB
Kirk Ferniz1 XI v Harpers
Nathan Pratt1 XI v Elmsett Utd
Tom Hunt2XI v Real Suffolk
Nico Williams2 xi Ipswich Pythons
Rich Jones2xi v Thurston
Jacob Buck1xi v Trimley
Dan Smith2xi v Foxhall
Christian Daniels1xi v Bor. Martlesham
Daryl Francis2xi v Ipswich Elite
Ross Turner1xi v Kitchener
2xi v Chantry Phoenix
Josh Knight1xi v Holbrook Swan
2xi v Brickmakers Arms
Ellis Rowland II1xi v Portman Rovers
Corin Bolsover2xi v Northam Celtic
Chris Smith2xi v Holbrook Swan Res

Spare: Rich Jones, Chris Jones, Kieran Daniels, Ellis Rowland III