Ipswich Sunday Football League Team of the Season 2015/2016

The minutes from the PLAYFORD FOOTBALL CLUB General Meeting held on 10th of June 2014

Topics Discussed

The Retention of Players

Several players were discussed individually, however it was felt that all players should be allowed to remain registered and continue playing for the club if they chose to.

New Players

Several potential new players were discussed, particularly Mike Howard, formerly of Trinity now living in Colchester. Had asked to sign but wanted assurances that he would play the majority of any match he was selected for. The group was willing to accommodate this request.

League Restructure

The new structure of the league was discussed and the attendees voted unanimously in favour of the change. ACTION: Notify the league of Playford’s YES vote - CJ

Sponsorship, Signing on Fees and Match Fees

The sponsorship deal with 138.com runs until the July 2015. After this time the club will need to find a new sponsor.

Match fees have been £3 since the clubs inception in 1998. Due to the increasing costs and impending loss of a sponsor it has been decided that fees should be raised to £4.

Further funds will be raised through a £10 signing on fee. If a player fails to play 5 games the signing on fee will be returned as club credit.

The £1 club credit for running the line would remain.


Last season a loss was made on the training sessions. This was down to dwindling numbers during the winter and again at the tail-end of the season. It was decided that the sessions were beneficial and to retain them the cost would be increased to £3.

Team Management

CJ stated his intention to stand-down as match day manager for the Reserve Team. Max Pryke was proposed to take over, he accepted.
The structure now stands that Chris Jones will oversee the club as a whole whilst the match day managers, Rich Jones and Max Pryke will have control over team selection, tactics and substitutions.

Monday Night League

Playford have been entered in a Monday night eleven-a-side competition. It will be used to trial new players as well as giving the opportunity to players not getting as much match time on Sundays.


The club will issue a handbook to all new players. The book includes details of the club, their responsibilities and how the club operates. This way everyone has the same information and no one can claim they did not know.


  • CJ outlined his plans to spend funds on new balls for the new season, end of season booklet printing, trianing markers, new socks for the first team and additional shirts for the Reserves.
  • CJ promised to reign in the cost of end of season booklets that were £80 over budget for 2014.


Playford would have the same problem as every season; Farlingaye is not marked out until September giving us no home venue to organise friendlies.

  • 1XI - The invitation from Ambassadors for a friendly was declined by RJ.
  • Inter Club Match - It was suggested that we play an inter-club friendly mixing the first and reserves to continue to improve squad bonding. The 4g surface at KHS was recommended.
  • 2XI - CJ has already accepted friendlies from Trinity and Gardeners Arms.
  • 2XI - LM recommended a mid-week match against Sutton Heath U18.
  • 2XI - MP recommended approaching The Feathers.

ACTION: CJ to organise friendlies.

Other Business

EoS 2015 - JH was asked if he would consider speaking with a former footballer friend about possibly being a speaker at the End of Season do in 2015.

Items held over

  • Referee Initiative
  • New Sponsorship Opportunities


Chris JonesClub Manager
Rich JonesFirst Team Manager
Liam Miller 
James HollandReserve Team Captain
Mark BulstrodePress Office
Max Pryke