Ipswich Sunday Football League Team of the Season 2015/2016

The minutes from the PLAYFORD FOOTBALL CLUB General Meeting held on 15th of December 2014

Topics Discussed

The Retention of Players

CJ felt that the squad is too large. He suggested that a breakaway team be considered to reduce the playing squad for 2014/2015, especially considering the likelihood of new players from Sutton Heath. Charlie Francis has already signed and made his debut.

JH, RJ feel it is too soon to judge, especially with recent availability. They asked that the numbers of available players be monitored over the next couple of months before making a decision.


Prior to the meeting training had already been cancelled indefinitely. To prevent losses the training budget had been ring-fenced and the club ended up with a surplus of £17.

Training is still seen as a benefit and ad-hoc sessions would continue to be organised. Goals, as well as Kesgrave would be considered.

There would be a group of training sessions booked ahead of time for pre-season. Where by a round-robin style approach would be conducted. One evening a week in two week groupings, Farlingaye, Ipswich Academy, Kesgrave and Goals.

Team Management

Ash Symonds has taken over Playford Argyle duties.

Monday Night League

Playford Argyle will continue with the Monday Night League for the Spring season. Playford should have been relegated, having played in the elite division in the Winter. This will provide the club with more competitive matches considering our usual strength. Season starts February.

Argyle will again be evaluated at the end of the season and other options will be considered. (Leisure Leagues, Champions Soccer or Goals competitions)

Handbook Amendments

CJ recommended the following:

  • 1.2.3 add "minimum of 30 minutes"
  • 4.2 passing on of incoming transfer fee to player
  • 4.3 assisting with the transfer fee when players leave (case by case basis)

All amendments were agreed. JH Suggested that 1.2.3 be altered slightly to "minimum of 45 minutes" to qualify for club credit for lineman duties. All agreed.

Bad Debts

Bradley Manlow £9 debt from 2013/2014 - AS to chase, try to get at least £5.

Ben Rivera £4 debt from 2013/2014 - All agree this could be written off.

David Seccombe - took £30 instead of £20 when postponing a fixture on 29/12/2013 - JH proposed we continue to wait for him to referee us again, as he had previously agreed to take a reduced fee the next time he refereed Playford.

End of Season Do

MP recommended that we try and organise a trip to horse racing or similar. JH & CJ felt that uptake would be too low. RJ suggested that, provided it is organised in advance, Kingpin could be done again. Majority agreement on Kingpin. CJ to organise in plenty of time.

Decade Awards

It is felt that players who play for the club for ten seasons should be rewarded. All Agreed.

RJ suggested that the club offer the choice of Tankard or Hip flask. CJ to investigate pricing.

Players already eligible: Alex Brunt#4/11, Mark Bulstrode, Neal Goldsmith, Simon Goldsmith*, James Holland, Chris Jones*, Rich Jones#3/12, Ross Leeks, Mark Lillistone*, Jem Vince
* these players have already received club rewards.
# these players have seasons where they played less than 10 matches.

Sponsorship from July 2015

The three year deal with 138.com comes to its conclusion in July 2015. Despite attempts by CJ there has been no contact from any of their representatives. We will therefore be looking at new sponsorships or sponsorship opportunities from July.

JH & RJ recommended that interested parties identified during the media campaign of 2012 would be approached first. Ask for £xxx for two years.

CJ is aware of another interested party.


CJs pre-season friendly schedule was agreed.

26th Julyround-robin tournament at Farlingaye
2nd Aug1 game
9th Aug2 games
16 Aug2 games
23rd AugSPARE
30th AugExpected Week 1 of Season

Richard Wall

Richard Wall is a local football photographer and has vast photographic archive. The archive is known to contain at least 28 galleries of Playford matches played between 1998 and 2014. The club are willing to contribute to costs to secure these galleries. CJ has been given authority to approach Mr Wall to this end. CJ & SG stated they too would be willing to assist with costs. RJ recommended a raffle to also assist with the purchase of images if necessary.

Referee Initiative

To be added to the handbook and implemented 2014/2015. Wording to be completed by CJ & RJ.

Other Business

The first team would like a friendly or training sessions in January (11th).


Chris JonesClub Manager
Rich JonesFirst Team Manager
Simon GoldsmithInterested Party
James HollandReserve Team Captain
Ash SymondsArgyle Manager
Max PrykeReserve Team Manager