Ipswich Sunday Football League Team of the Season 2015/2016

The minutes from the 3rd PLAYFORD FOOTBALL CLUB General Meeting held on 4th of August 2015

Topics Discussed

The Retention of Players

The following players had failed to register for 2015/2016. Jon Booth, Ryan Broadhurst, Paul Cartwright, Nick Mann, Jay Steward, Jack Storey, Aaron Warner, Ricky Winlow.
Rhys Thompson, Miles Berry and Spencer Swann have already shown an interest in signing for Playford.

Bad Debts

It was decided that the following debts would be written off:

  • Bradley MANLOW £8 - Ash Symonds has tried on several occasion to recover this debt to no avail.
  • Craig HAZELWOOD £4 - Owed for a single friendly two seasons ago.
  • Sam VICKERSTAFF £2 - Owed for a single training session, friends with players that are leaving the club and we are unlikely to see him again.

CJ has written to the league and requested that the following players be prevented from signing for new clubs until their debts to Playford are repaid: Nick Mann £8, Shane Theobald £11, Curtis Pryke £11 and Jon Booth £16.

Credit Limits

To reduce the amount of debt outstanding to club CJ suggested new limits to debts.
£30 maximum and £16 when ability to play is inhibited.

Signing on fees

It is felt that keeping the match fee at £4 is better than having a signing on fee. It was felt that new players should still pay the £10 fee. Charlie Francis would be asked to top his half-season fee from last season up to the £10.


The club have identified a new sponsor, Francis Interiors, they will pay between £300-£400 over the course of the season.
They will be offered the opportunity to top up in 2016/2017 to £600 to continue as sponsor.
They will become full club sponsor and will appear on new kits and the website.

Other Funding

A Christmas raffle would be run between in October and November. The draw of which would be held on a club social.

Club Social

A club social would be organise for November to coincide with the raffle to try and bring both squads together. BEARS in Ipswich was recommended.


  • CJ asked that the Reserve team always play in the Green and White kit. After some discussion this was agreed.
  • CJ stated that he intends to buy 9 new shirts in medium, two of which will be partially paid for by players in return for custom numbers. The increased number of shirts is due to the strength of the Pound against the Euro. Total Cost £312.
  • RJ discussed the idea of returning to Blue and White halves for the First Team for the 20 year season in 2017/2018. ALL AGREED
  • Therefore the First Team would need a new kit this season, else the gold kit would be expected to last SIX years, something everyone felt was unlikely. ALL AGREED
  • RJ to email about new kit colours.

Club Badge

Should the club have badge being 18 years old. ALL AGREED YES
We would try and see if we know any graphic artists to produce one, otherwise try and internet service like Fivr.

Club Suffix

Clubs often have to change their name due to sponsorship. CJ suggest the club adds a suffix to the name. Then in the event of name change the suffix could be used and club history/continuity retained.
RJ suggested that the club’s history should be appreciated by potential sponsors and therefore name changes must incorporate Playford.

20 Years

If the club could survive without a sponsor ALL AGREED it would be nice to put a charity on the playing kit for the season.

10 Years Service

Rich Jones and Greg Songer should qualify for Tankards this season.
It was also agreed that Mark Bulstrode and Ross Leeks were eligible recipients and would receive theirs at the end of the season.


Chris JonesClub Manager
Rich JonesFirst Team Manager
Ash SymondsArgyle Manager