Visiting Kesgrave High School

Changing Rooms:

The changing rooms can be found opposite and slightly right of the path leading down the playing pitches.
A pair of doors are immediately ahead; these access the chnaging rooms directly. Toilets are located through a rear door to the changing rooms
The visiting team should change in the boys changing room found on the right.


The referee is invited to change with the home side in the girls changing room.


All clubs are reminded of their responsibility to control their players, please keep mess to a minimum.

  • Bins are provided in the changing room.
  • Boots should be removed before reentering school.
  • Boots and kit should not be cleaned in the shower facilities, neither should they be wiped or bashed clean on any surfaces within the school building.

Excessive mess may result in the school asking us to pass cleaning costs onto the offending club.


Kesgrave High School is a no smoking site. We ask players and officials to refrain from smoking whilst on site, including the playing fields.


Dogs are not permitted on the school site.


The PE Defibrillator located in the foyer outside the PE office.
The code to gain access to the green locker is 999.